Wealth Management

We understand the intricate financial demands of HNIs (high net worth individuals), families, and businesses, and we provide them with customised products and services to fulfil those needs. We use our collective resources and broad industry network to build the best wealth management and advisory solutions for our customers, assisting them in achieving their financial and strategic objectives. Superior execution, a strong investment policy framework, and a thorough due diligence approach with a stronger focus on choosing future winners round out our bespoke offerings.

Mutual Funds – Analysis & Distribution

Given that mutual fund houses extend a buffet of scheme based on investment objective, undertaking asset classes, investment horizon, type of returns etc. It becomes increasingly challenging for clients to construct a prudent mutual fund portfolio. With our expertise and intensive selection process, in simplifying and yet constructing an effective mutual fund portfolio, we assist our clients in achieving their investment objective.

Fixed Income Distribution

With this offerings, we distribute fixed income products such as Company Fixed Deposit Schemes, Non- Convertible Debentures, Government of India Bonds, 54 EC Capital Gains Bonds etc. to clients who are interested in a steady income stream but want to indulge in low-risk products. Backed by good credit rating and attractive yields, such products offer the scope of not only creating wealth but also act as investment protection vehicles as they tend to balance out the higher risk products in the portfolio. We analyse the entire spectrum of fixed income products and present opportunities that address the investment needs of a client.

Structure Product

Through Structured Products, we offer tailor-made integrated product solutions that can be attuned to the investment profile and risk appetite of our clients thus providing efficient diversification to the investment portfolio. Though structured products are prescribed for risk averse investors, it can be a vital component of the portfolio for all kinds of investors to stay ahead of the market dynamics especially during downturns.

Alternative Investment Funds

Other than the traditional modes of investment in equities, fixed income and cash, through Alternate Investment Fund (AIF), we offer our clients an investment vehicle through which they can invest in non- traditional options such as Real Estate Fund, Private Equity, Hedge Funds etc. AIFs are ideal for high net worth individuals, institutional and corporate customers. These funds broaden the investment avenues by diversifying the client’s portfolio through an extensive range of products.